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FLOWERS DELIVERY - Birthday flowers
Same day delivery for flower order before 12:00 noon Bangkok Thailand time. 
For Bears other gift will sent within 2-3 days.
All Prices in U.S. dollars have already included of delivery service charges. The phone number of recipient is a must for delivery express service. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
No added service charges. Free Gift Card and translate your message in Thai.  
  Every order will receive email from us to confirm that flowers have been reserved for your special person with 100% Satisfaction guaranteed by our Thailand florist team.
The phone number of recipient is a must for delivery express service.
                     Free Gift Card and translate your message in Thai.

We offer a wide selection of flowers, roses, mixed bouquets, lilies, vase, gifts, Teddy bears and gift, Chocolates and gift baskets at affordable prices delivered in Thailand.

Best Sellers for Birthday flowers&gifts

teddy-12roses.jpg (19042 bytes)
Love you second to none
TFV04:Teddy Bear 36" with 1 dozen Roses.
Size : tall 36 inches
Price : US$ 129.95

Love you all!
TFV12: Glow-hair Bear 34" and 16"
Size : tall 36 and 16 inches
Price : US$ 74.95
New arrival !!!

Missing you
TFV08: Brown Bear with Ferrero Rocher 200g.
Size : tall 16 inches and 200g
Price: $US 45.95

Say I love you!
TFV10: Teddy Bear 36" with I love you pillow.
Size : tall 36 inches
Price : US$ 99.95
9032.jpg (5895 bytes)

9032 : Vase of Tulips
 $48.95 - $65.95 
($48.95 - As Shown
width 11-12")
9009 :Teddy Bear and One Bouquet of Long Stemmed Roses
 $64.95 - $79.95 
(As Shown
width 14-15")

9015 : Bouquet of Carnations
$38.95 - $49.95 
($38.95 - As Shown
width 12-13")
9063 : Bouquet of Long Stemmed Roses & Teddy Bear (tall 12")
$64.95 - $79.95 
($64.95 - As Shown
width 15-16")

9061 : Bouquet of Long
Stemmed Roses & FERRERO ROCER chocolate 300g NET

$64.95 - $79.95 
($64.95 - As Shown
width 12-13")
9031 : Bouquet of Red Roses
$45.95 - $62.95 
($45.95 - As Shown
width 12-13")
9038 :Teddy Bear & Basket Arrangement of Mixed Flowers
9062 : Bouquet of Mixed Flowers and FERRERO ROCER 300g NET
$55.95 - $74.95 
($55.95 - As Shown
width 12-13")

Teddy Bear with roses, chocolate and gifts are waiting
 for your beloved

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Remark : Flower Arrangement is appropriated, Size may vary.
All items featured on this web site represent the type of arrangements
We offers and may vary depending upon availability in certain regions. Thailand Florist Network

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